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I have taught courses in anthropological theory and anthropology and public policies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2016) and at the Alberto Hurtado University (2021).

Among my latest activities as a guest teacher are:


  • Class in the course “The Global Economy” at CEMUS (Centre for Environment and Development Studies) of Uppsala University and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2021)

  • Class "Green extractivism: new varieties of colonialism and how to dismantle them" in the courseDe/growth: Human Ecology, Economy, Community (2022)

  • Class in the course "Future Resource Pathways and Visions" given by the Institute for Sustainable Resources, UCL. (2023)

Along with the CASA team, this year I was also a teacher in the third edition of our introductory course on degrowth. More information about that here

Public talks and events

Can we thrive without economic growth? Part of the "Fearless Cities" event (2021)


ChatDisarming the growth economy through basic income. Part of the general assembly of the European Basic Income Network in Prague 2022

Class in Introduction to New Economies Program “Introduction to degrowth economics” (2022)

“Anti colonial approach to degrowth” workshop part of the Alt+Shift Festival (2022) (bottom photo)

"Degrowth and Environmental Justice" class at Economics Labs, hosted by Hawkwood Center for Future Thinking (2023), availablehere

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