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This is a selection of publications. You can download my CV in Spanishhere and in English here

Academic publications


Cabaña Alvear, G. & Vandana 2023. Only for the Global North? Questioning the ‘who should degrow’ issue.Degrowth Journal 1, 1–11.


Cabin, G. & J. Linares 2022. Decolonising money: learning from collective struggles for self-determination.Sustainability Science(available online:

Cabaña, G. 2022. Dismantling the fossil paradigm: some points to re-imagine the future of mobility beyond economic growth.Transportation Studies Magazine twenty-one.

Cabaña, G. 2022. Degrowth: a realistic proposal for Chile. Janeconomy in times of crisis: perspectives for the socioecological transition in Chile (eds) E. Costa Cordella & V. Belemmi Baeza, 22–46. FIMA NGO Editions.


Aedo, M. P. & G. Cabaña 2020. Affects, activisms and resistances facing the impacts of Capitalocene: an embodied learning experience in Chile.Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research 1, 97–122.


Cabana, G., & Roy, B. (2020). Review of Gibbs, J. (dir.). 2020. Planet of the Humans. Documentary film.Journal of Political Ecology, 27(1), Article 1.


Cabin, G. & M. Murray 2019. Beyond cash, beyond conditional Ingreso Etico Familiar and the senses of poverty in a group of Mapuche women. inMoney from the government in Latin America: conditional cash transfer programs and rural lives (eds) M.E. Balen & M. Fotta, 162–177. (Routledge studies in Latin American development). Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge (available online:,

Non-academic publications

"Anthropology and Degrowth: where to next?" in Undisciplined Environments (2023)

The thousand promises of green hydrogen” in Nueva Sociedad Magazine digital edition (2022).

In favor of degrowth” with Lorenzo Velotti and María Paz Aedo at CIPER (2022).

Cabin, G. & P. Glatz 2021.Universal basic income as a possible and emancipatory policy for Chile: social and ecological impacts of its implementation. In the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's Perspectives: Climate Change, Energy and Environment series.

During my Fellowship at the Post Growth Institute (2021-2022) I wrote inMedium.

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